Words of Wisdom Regarding the Teacher

That the student may become a better teacher in his walk of life there are certain things he must know, accept, and understand. He is not to be accept them because another says them, but because he has found in the mystic workings of his own soul that they are true.

We feel that it is a great glory to stand before the world and speak eloquent words and inspiring truths and many there are who long for the plaudits of their brothers. But the student of Truth knows better; he knows that today they glorify and tomorrow they crucify. No word of man can move the Master, for he knows the fool who utters it. How can the simple flatter the wise? The philosopher knows that he who calls him Master would not know one if he met him.

Judge not the results of your labors. They are in the hands of the Divine. Yours is the power to do and God shall judge doing. Yours is the privilege to strive: God will reward the striving. Yours is the opportunity to improve; in God’s hands rests the result of the improvement. Do that which comes to your hands in the spirit of light; do that it as best you can, be it for friend or foe, and you will find that you do no wrong. In glorifying your enemy you prove to man the universal fatherhood of God, for as the rains fall upon the just and the unjust alike, so the teacher serves all, pouring upon creed and clan, caste and color without partiality the waters which have been given him.

If you follow these thoughts your opportunity shall come to ask and to be given charge of one small part of the Master’s work. Once one part is given, all rests with you, for each day a new part is given but few there be who see it.

When a true teacher comes into the world of men, his way is prepared and his life is overshadowed by beings who guard him and help him to present his message to the world. The Master of today has behind him a chain of lives that has led up to what he is today. He is not a rattlebrained person with a half-baked idea; he commands respect without asking it. Even his enemies respect him, they recognize power even though they cannot define it. Meek in all things, patient in all things, kindly in all things, just in all things – even though he sometimes hurts, it is always lovingly as a parent correcting a wayward child – he is a master whether he himself says so or not. He is the least of men, for he is a slave to a great love – his love for humanity.

Should a Sinner Teach? Most certainly the sinner should teach, but he should not teach his sins. If only saints talked there would be very little said in this world, and that little would be incomprehensible to mortals like you and me. Any individual who will be absolutely honest with himself and others has something to teach the world. But the first requisite is a long heart-to-heart talk with himself as to just what he does know and why he wishes to give it to others. Each has a life that is filled with a different set of experiences and lessons, and if one has the ability to tell the story to the world it is certain to be helpful. The teacher must be actually honest.

From Talks To Students On Occult Philosophy: A Series Of Manuscript Lectures Gathered Into Booklet Form by Manly P. Hall


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