Believing (be-living) in goals and right action

If a man really believed in his goal as already accomplished, he would walk through life as through it were so.  He would not see anything to the contrary, he would not see times or seasons, but he would see “the table prepared” – now.  Due to our conditioning in society, we are trained to think that our flow of supply is in ratio to our physical activity.  This is not so, for if it were, the executives would be poor and the laborers rich.  Another conditioning which many have accepted is the idea that activity entered into to make money is work, and the idea of work is in itself repugnant, so they plan so many hours of it per week, and plan vacations from it each year, and retire from it altogether at a certain age.  When we are in the proper state of consciousness, we will rise above the idea of work as a chore and see nothing but proper and constructive activity as a continuous law of right action.  If you are unhappy in your daily activity, then it may be that you need to change your activity or perhaps change your attitude concerning it.  


Just dropping bombs, anyone disagree, wave your arms!

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